Thursday, April 30, 2009

This last Monday (April 27, 2009), we celebrated our little baby's birthday. However, I suppose I can't call her a baby any more! She is now 2 years old! She was born at 5:30 p.m after about 5 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing. Not too bad for the first, right? She was a beautiful big baby coming out weighing 8.6 lbs and 21 1/2 inches long and lots of black hair! We were just so happy to finally have her, she was as beautiful as we had hoped and imagined! She is just as beautiful today! We took her for her 2 year check up and she is weighing almost 29 lbs now and 36 inches tall! I'm glad she didn't get the short gene from me!
Happy Birthday to you Addie. We love you so much!

Happy Birthday to you!

Was Adeline ever excited to see all that food! The only annoying thing with that is that she is bringing us her food all day and making us eat it with her! Yum!
Um....crazy for cake are we!?? Girl is a pig!
I attempted to make a candyland based cake for her birthday.....lets just say it didn't quite turn out the way I would have liked!
The proud parents of such a big girl!

Our little girl turned 2!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adeline's Gram (Jake's mom) bought Adeline this cute little spring dress! She couldn't wait to wear it to church! Thanks Grams!

Awww, I love my hubby

Spring Flood of 2009

The other day, we finally were able to see the river for ourselves! For many weeks, most of the bridges here were closed due to flooding. They finally opened the bridge near our house, so we thought we would venture out to see. We couldn't believe the amount of land that was submerged in water! What a swollen river, and to think that these pictures were taken when the water has receded a lot! I can't imagine what this area looked like when it was much deeper!

This little marker is there to show how deep previous floods have gotten in this area. Notice all the trees in the water! This marker is normally not even close to being in the's something that is supposed to be way off shore!

This area is where I used to go run in the summer mornings! Can you see the stairs and railings peeking up from the water!??

Monday, April 13, 2009

I know I am biased....she is my daughter after all.......but she is too dang cute! Looking at this, one would think she is sweet and innocent!

Adeline has this new thing where she climbs on top of the couch and just lays there. She will say, "night night" and pretend to sleep...of course she only sleeps for like half a second!

For some reason, Adeline loves to just lounge on her papa! She doesn't really do that with me....which I don't understand--I am the one who has lots of cushion--EVERYWHERE!

Watching morning cartoons! I have no idea why her finger is in her mouth!

When we went to the Alerus center Easter Egg hunt, we met up with some friends who have a son who is 3. Matt and Addie are so cute together!

Can you tell I had just gotten up??? Don't mind the messy hair!

Here is what the Easter Bunny left for us! One of the coolest things about being a mom is being "Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy" How fun!

The Nero family brought over some cute Easter treats for us to enjoy...and we sure did!

This was as close to the Easter Bunny Addie would get!

On April 11, Addie and I went to the easter egg hunt at the alerus center! There were millions of kids there. We saw the Easter Bunny, but Adeline kept her distance from the big hairy animal!

We had such a funny and messy time coloring our Easter eggs!

Happy Easter!

I have been getting grilled about not updating my blog as often as some would like! Until we get internet at our house, deal with it!!! On to the update now: As everyone knows, Easter was yesterday. I have to say, it was an odd one as far as celebration goes. First off, it was Stake conference. Second, Jake worked. And third, being on a diet makes it hard to resist all the yummy candy! How does one say no to a Cadbury egg? I certainly can't! Woops! Here are some pictures of our rather uneventful day and some other random ones for you all to enjoy! This ought to keep you occupied for the next month (or until I can get back on the internet again.....whichever comes first!). Oh, and don't mind my messy bed head hair on Easter morning! Us moms can't always look glamorous now, can we?
I'm sure many are wondering what the scoop is regarding Jake's potential job! His paperwork is all in, and now the F.A.A is just going through it all and we have been told this alone could take up to 3 months. We are opting for sooner, not that we have a choice! We are very excited and optomistic about our future, wherever that may be! The infamous Chubbers (Addie) turns 2 the 27th of this month! WHAT the heck?!!
Also in the news: Our flooding! I will try and post some pictures we have taken crossing the gateway bridge of the river! You will notice the countless trees in the are normally not in the river! Thats the problem! I think we are about to hit the second crest for the red river within the next two weeks! Lets hope it will all be over soon!