Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bridger Turns 1!!!

Well, I was good for a while there with my postings! I had every intention of sharing Bridger's birthday with pictures, HOWEVER............chance would have it, we lost our camera! We had been searching many moons for our beloved camera, with no avail! So, due to not having a camera...we relied on friends (Thank you Laura and Cassie!) to share theirs! Now that I have some pictures, I will gladly tell you how Bridger enjoyed his first birthday! His birthday was the Saturday before Christmas, but due to Jake's work schedule, we had to celebrate it a couple days early. We invited some friends and had a pizza party at Godfather's Pizza! Yummy food+ great company=a heck of a night! We strictly informed everyone to NOT bring any presents for him, we weren't even going to bring any presents for him to open that night. Of course, we did get the occasional disobedient guest! I couldn't wait for the grand finale of the night.....watching Bridger devour his first ever piece of cake loaded with butter creme frosting! At first he wasn't sure what to do with this big chunk of sugar! After I got him started, there was no going back!! He LOVED his cake!! I no longer have an infant, and it makes me a little sad!!! He began full on walking the day after his birthday, I guess he decided it was time! So, he is walking, grunting, dancing, and all sorts of fun!