Monday, April 26, 2010

One of our many geocaching trips
Our happy boy! Bridger is such a mellow baby, just one happy kid.......usually!
Another geocaching trip, never mind me without any makeup!

We put socks on his hands because he is constantly trying to suck his thumb! He loves to stand!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well, it's about time!

Yea, sooooo...I have been really bad about updating our blog lately! If you want anyone to blame, I Guess we could all blame little Bridger, our newest member of the family! We survived the winter, and are loving this beautiful spring weather....although friends here have informed us that last year in June there was a nice snow storm! Hmmmm, lets hope there won't be a repeat of that! So for right now, it is gorgeous and warm! Jake is continuing to love his job ( I love saying that! It's awesome to know he has a's no longer a temporary thing!) he checked out of his ground training back in early February and in return, he got a nice raise! He is currently working on checking out of his local control now and should be checked out by July at the latest. He loves it, he enjoys his co workers and he loves our new city Helena! I have been rather busy too! I am now a mom of 2 small kids and was recently called to be the second counselor in Relief Society--what was the bishop thinking? Talk about being overwhelmed! Sundays were stressful enough for me since Jake works every single Sunday! I really like the other presidency members though and look forward to getting to know all the great sisters in our ward....and hope they have lots of patience....with me there, they will need it!
Addie is.....well, she is Addie! She is spunky and has a ton of energy and a lot to say! She has made so many friends and has so much fun with them! Most of them are boys though!! Her Birthday is coming up on the 27th of this month and she will be 3! I can't believe I have a 3 year old! She is having a birthday party this coming Saturday and she decided she wants a Mickey Mouse Club House theme party! She did want a tinkerbell or some girlie theme, but considering most of the guests will be boys....I finally got her to agree on a more gender neutral theme!
Bridger is now just over 4 months old and a huge chunk of chubs! He weighed in at 18 lb. and 11 oz.! He certainly feels that heavy! He is such a happy baby and it doesn't take a whole lot to make him smile and get bashful! His little smile just melts my heart! Last night he rolled over for the first time! I started screaming when he did it, and I scared Jake a bit! I was just so excited! Of course, he only did it just that once! I'm sure he will be getting the hang of it and rolling over all the time here soon! It's so fun to see the little milestones our kids go through, and it's hard to accept that our children grow up eventually. I am so blessed though to have my children be "practically perfect in every way!" They are healthy and happy and developing normally.....which just makes me so grateful. Heavenly Father has been so good to my family and I! I will be posting some pictures here of Addie's birthday party and of my great family!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Someone is a Talker!