Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome to Yukon Oklahoma!

We have been in Oklahoma City area for just over a week now! We have seen nothing but dreary weather since the evening we arrived. I think we brought it down with us, which seems to be a normal thing whenever we travel! Jake began his training here last Friday, and he is in class about 8 1/2 hours 5 days a week with an overload of information that he needs to know! Since the weather has been crummy, Addie and I have kind of been stuck indoors. Imagine how insane I must be going! We have found a library, a community center, and an abundance of parks here thank goodness! Today was the first nice sunny day, hooray! It seems that the only down side of having nice weather is that all the creepy gross little bugs come crawling out of their hiding places! Today I managed to kill two gigantic hairy spiders! I have been told that there are actually tarantulas here, and I am beginning to think that the two big ones were baby tarantulas! Ohhhh, they were creepy and made me scream! Lets not forget the big fat hairy caterpillars that are roaming about! I have never seen caterpillars like this either! Last, but I'm sure not the least--the big moths! They are the size of my hand!!! Wow, It's a surprise every day when I open our front door! What will it be tomorrow! I have been able to get some of these creatures on camera...and will post them soon!