Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The fall at Turtle River

We tried to find the corn maze and pumpkin patch the other day, but never did! So, we went to Turtle River State Park and took some pictures! It was so beautiful there!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Newest Kidd Arrival

Congrats to my brother Dan and his wife Katie! They welcomed Adrianna this last Thursday and is absolutely beautiful!

Happy Fall!

So Kirsten told me I need to update my blog! Quite a bit has gone on in our small family, I suppose. Jake is now working full time at Menards (which is like a Home Depot) while we wait for his career to take off! He likes it there, and he makes a lot more than he was at the hotel. He is in the plumbing department, and no--he doesn't know anything about plumbing! I'm sure he will catch on! We are getting for Young Womens in Excellence, I am the lucky one who is in charge of it all this year--yay..... Yesterday I was able to attend my first youth temple trip with our youth. I have been in young womens for almost 2 years, and I have never been able to go in the past. It was definitely a whole day ordeal, as it takes 4 hours to drive there and another 4 to drive back! We only had 3 girls go, so we all just drove up together. It was a blast! I have never sang so many disney songs in one sitting in my whole life! At some points, the car was literally shaking from the girls just rocking out! Of course I started to cry when the baptisms started, I am such a big cry baby! I am just so proud of my girls!
It was hard to leave Addie for that long, I think the longest I have ever been apart from her was like 4 hours--if that!!
We woke up yesterday with snow and crazy wind! I am wondering where did fall go, did we even get one? Other than the leaves turning colors, we haven't gotten much of a fall. That my friends, is North Dakota for you!
We are looking forward to Halloween! We have the ward trunk or treat this coming Wednesday, and I can't wait to show Addie off in her little Vikings cheer leading outfit! Jake's dad will die when he sees the pictures! He is a big vikings fan!
Addie is growing taller, but not wider! She isn't our chubbly little girl anymore! I can't believe how big she is, she is now a little girl with her own personality. I just love her to death. She turned 18 months today, and surprises everyone when they find out she isn't older! She is so tall and very verbal!!! I posted her talking and saying some animal noises! She has been in nursery for about 3 weeks, they let her come in early! She does so well in there, and couldn't care less if she ever saw me again!!!
Well, I think that about covers the last couple of months!!!
We wish you all a happy fall--or maybe happy winter for us!