Saturday, June 28, 2008

Crazy weekend!

This morning I dropped Jake off at the Amtrack station, he is headed to Colstrip. We bought a new (used, but new to us!) car and he is going to pick it up. A quick trip, but he will at least get to see his mom, sister, and Niece Jacey. In the mean time, we had a girls night at our apartment! Since Jake was going to be gone, I invited my young women to over for a slumber party! How fun! Adeline was so mad when I put her to bed because she wanted to stay up with the girls! We had a blast playing "boxers or briefs". We have come to the conclusion that Ashley drives her multiple spouses to drink, but she is as good as it gets! We also discovered that ALexa lets it all hang out while wanting others to pull her finger! Oh, and we can't forget little Andrea--she's quite the ham and she has awesome legs! As for me, we'll let that one slip! It's my blog and I can do whatever I want!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 years!

Yesterday was our anniversary, 3 whole years!! Because we have known eachother for so long, it seems like we have been married for 10! 10 wonderful years!!! We dropped little chubbers off at her babysitters and went to dinner. We went to a local restaurant called Whiteys, and ate outside on the balcony over looking the river....ahhhh how romantic! Afterwards we went to some car dealerships and looked at cars, and even test drove one! I think that was Jake's favorite part of the day! He's such a guy! On Friday, we are going to go see the movie "Get Smart"--I think it really looks funny!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I suppose it's safe to say that summer is here! Thank goodness it hasn't hit the 90's yet! Perfect right now at the high 70's with the usual North Dakota breeze! Life is beautiful when you look around and see how much you really have, beautiful is all around. I love taking my morning jog along the river, sometimes I really feel like it's just me and mother earth! It's just so beautiful and serene. Then I get to go home to a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter! What more could I ask for? Nothing.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yesterday Adeline and I (Jake was at work) went to the splash park at University Park. It was such a beautiful day, with a little breeze. This was our second time at the splash park, the first time it was so cold out! Adeline liked it much better this time, however-she didn't go out of her way to the water! I had to swing her around into the spraying water, for the most part she was ok with it! I would have to say her favorite part was when she saw a hairy little caterpillar! She was so fascinated by it and tried to pick it up. I'm sure she would have tried putting it in her mouth too! We wish Papas could have been there with us!
We are all excited for when Jake graduates in August and then we will take a couple of weeks off to spend with our family--the Clarks and the Kidds! It's been too long!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Here is "Auntie Lisa" with Addie. This was taken at Addie's 1 year birthday party, Adeline fell in love with the singing lion Lisa bought her! We will miss Lisa when we move!
Adeline is shocked that we not only gave her that whole chocolate cupcake but that we kept urging her to eat it.....all of it! Big mistake though, she turned psycho on us after all that sugar! I seriously thought that she was going to knock over her chair!

When will it be summer?

Today Adeline and I went to some of the water parks to look at prices for a season pass, and then I got to thinking--is it worth it to even buy one? We have had nothing but rain and wind here! Ugghh

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Something funny for ya!

The other day I was talking to my mom and she told me the funniest thing! Mike had told my mom this joke or riddle! It could be kind of crude to some, so if you have sensitive little not read any further!
We have been through a lot of crap and are still together! Can you guess who or what I am??
BUTT CHEEKS! ha ha ha!

Ahh, who does't love a good jog!?

Today, I went jogging for the first time since I had Adeline. Talk about out of shape! We live super close to the Red River, so I just drive there and get my grueling run in! I am not a big runner, but I love how I feel after! Plus, it is such a beautiful scene--running along side the river with the cool breeze and seeing all the ducks! Just to be safe, I got myself some pepper spray and lets hope I never have to use it! Wish me good running!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our visit to Washington

When Adeline and I went to visit my family in Lacey, Washington--it was her first time meeting most of them! My mom was the only one who came up when Adeline was born. We had a fun time, Adeline loved playing with her Oma, Opa, Kensie, Mike, Brandon, and her cousins! While there, we were able to see Kirsten and her family, Dan and his, along with Dori and Sebastian

My mom and dad couldn't get over how "thick" Addie was! Even my tough dad complained about how his arm would hurt after holding her!

Here I was trying to get Mike to lift up his shirt so Adeline could find any lint in his belly button! For some odd reason, she loves belly buttons and finding its "treasure"!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I don't think I have seen such a small fish!!! Yet, Jake looks so proud! We were in Colstrip Montana when Jake caught this little Bluegill!

Gone Fishin'

Who is the better fisherman of them all? Lets compare! The funny thing is that I don't know what I am doing half the time, I just get lucky! This is the biggest fish I have caught thus far, hopefully I can beat 20 inches this summer on a Walleye or a Catfish! I caught this in Idaho Summer 2006