Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Insane in the Membrane

So, as most of you know....Adeline has been quite the pill lately. I have been feeling like I am going a little crazy with her moods and her sleeping problems! So, I decided to go see a shrink to see if I am going crazy! This doctor made me take this silly ink blot test. Below is one of the ink blot pictures she showed me.....and I am still trying to figure out what is in the picture! Any one want to help me out with this one???!!!!!

My Ink Blot test

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer is Offically Here!

It has been so nice and hot here, and Adeline is in love with the Kiddie pool in East Grand Forks
For some reason, Addie has taken quite the liking to the Eldredge family! They have a 12 month old that she just ADORES! All day, she asks where"baby Missa" is! Her name is Melissa!

A Night To Remember

Well, Last night was the big night! The big night in many ways! First off, it was the Young women's big fundraiser! It was a huge success! We had the gym at the church all decked out like an old school pasta house! with Lights, and black and white decorations! Shellie and I were at the church a total of like 10 hours setting up the place and throwing the shin dig! It was a long day! For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about....let me explain! Our girls need to raise lots of money to send them to camp down in South Dakota! We decided to host a spaghetti night where guests will pay $5.00 for a plate where they get spaghetti, a side dish vegetable, and some french bread. In addition to it, we played every part of it as if we were an actual restaurant! We had a hostess, waitresses, and a kitchen crew! In addition to that we had a silent auction of random things donated by very talented members of the church or local businesses. The best part of the night was the dessert auction! We had some people bidding high prices on a variety of desserts! The highest bid was for a Cherry Cheesecake that sold for $66.00! And it looked delicious!! To add some excitement to the evening......we had tornado warnings for Grand Forks! Scary! We were getting near the end of the dinner portion when the tornado sirens were going off! We were told that a funnel cloud had been spotted in an area not far from where we were.....SCARY! It was a night we will not soon forget! We had a goal to raise at least $500.00 and ended up earning about $700.00! Awesome!!

Looks can be so decieving!

You know, looking at this would think this little girl is such a cute angel! Hmmmm.

Art Festival

Apparently we have a little Van Gogh on our hands! Two nights ago while I was cleaning the kitchen, I realized I hadn't seen or heard Adeline in a while. That always makes me a bit suspicious! So I venture down the hall and see she has a big black permanent marker in her hand. I ran and grabbed it from her and proceeded to inspect the house for any trace of that marker.....I knew it would be somewhere.........and here it was! All over our hallway wall! I didn't know how we were going to get that off if it were even possible! Thank heavens for the magic eraser! With a little elbow grease, it came off!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Young womens camp out and Turtle River

Doesn't Addie look so cute with her little Dora the Explorer fishing pole! Unfortunately, she didn't want to fish with it! She does look cute holding it though!
FOr some reason, Jake thinks it's funny to take pictures of us while we are sleeping! I'm just glad that my hair is all in my face covering the scariness!
We had a nice turn out for the overnight! It was fun being out in nature with the girls!
We went on a little nature walk and someone spotted this fawn that looked like it was just a week or so old! It was so cute!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

4 years ago today, my fab husband and I were sealed for time and eternity in the Seattle Washington temple! I can't believe 4 years has come and gone! Jake made me the cutest little card and said that we may not have a lot to show for our four years of memories material wise---but we have a lot of memories! I thought that was so sweet! We do have a lot of great memories, and I can't wait for more! Below is a picture of us on our honeymoon at Cannon beach, Oregon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The highs and lows of life

Today was such a beautiful day, and Jake had the day off so we went to Turtle River State Park for the day. Well I guess I should first start off with the terrible night we had. Agghhh! Just when I thought it might be fun to have a new born again, I am slapped in the face! Quite hard too! To some unknown reason, Adeline has been going through this weird phase lately. It starts when we put her down for the night, she goes down fine--no problems. When we are stirred awake in the still of the night by some crying as if someone is going to be murdered. I run into Addie's room where she is just hysterical. I calm her down, place her in her crib, sing her a song or two and she goes back to problems...or so I thought. Just as I am about to fall asleep, she starts wailing at the tip top of her lungs. So, this has become a ritual where she does it like 5 times during a single night!! I didn't know it was possible to function and be sane with such little sleep. Then again,, maybe I'm not so sane at the moment. So, my plea is to all mothers out there! HELP! What the heck is going on with my daughter? What am I to do?

Ok, so now on to the better portion of my story! we went to Turtle River to fish and play! We even bought Addie a little Dora fishing pole which she thought was the coolest thing ever! It had little pink bobbers and even a little purple fish for bait! We heard that the dam was the place to go to fish. THat may have been the case had their not been a million people there splashing around and scaring all our fish away! But we did have fun, and Addie freaked out about everything! I caught the only fish, as usual! Just kidding! It was so small, hardly worth mentioning really! But it was fun to see Adeline fascinated by the fish.....or at least as long as she didn't have to touch it! We played in the water and saw a couple of frogs....those were probably Adeline's favs of the day!
But here is the creepy horror movie part of this day trip! It was RAINING CATERPILLARS! I am not exagerrating in the least bit when I say RAINING! It seemed they were just falling from the sky as rain drops, but really just from every single inch on every tree there! It was gross, they were falling all over us, our car, the road! Yuck! When this happened, Adeline decided she had had enough and wanted to get the heck out of dodge!
Lets hope for a better night tonight, if not-church will have to wait another week! So long!