Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Becoming domesticated little by little

So yesterday, I tried something that I have never done before! I bought a box of peaches to split with a friend. Yesterday her and I got together with a friend to can our peaches. I was surprised at how easy it really was, time consuming yes, but not rocket science! So, now I have a couple of yummy looking peaches sitting on my kitchen counter......just calling for me to open one and try it! I think Addie and I will have to share some for lunch! This is me attempting to become domesticated!!!! One down, and much more to go!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Glacier Park

This last week, we went and met up with My oldest Brother Nathan in Glacier Park. He was up in Montana for business and wanted to do some sight seeing while he was here. we would have joined him sooner, but at the very last minute....we got sick! Of course, right! So we were just there for 2 days, and the weather wasn't the best.....but BOY WAS IT BEAUTIFUL there!

The many faces of Glacier Park

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Four Wheeling- The Fountain of Youth

Jake's dad swears that four wheeling really does shed years of your life! This is the one thing that he just can't get enough of it seems!

Addie and mommy going for a little drive!

Hey everyone! It is now the weekend, yay! Jake's vacation is coming up....this Tuesday to be exact and he will have the whole week off! We are looking forward to "paid vacations"! We have come to really enjoy the perks of having a career, and not just a job! Paid vacations, sick leave, annual leave, etc come in real handy! With that said, we have decided to venture off to Glacier least thats the plan! With it nearing fall around here, the weather is getting cooler and we are hoping for agreeable weather while we are there! The nice addition to our oldest brother Nathan will be joining us! He is kind of a fun guy to have around.....and he just happens to have business in our neck of the woods.
Today was a bit of a somber day for Addie and I. Our good friends the Craven family have moved......Sara became a very good friend of mine, and it was really nice having a friend who literally lived across the parking lot from us. I will miss her friendship and company. She had a son Braxton who was 1 1/2 older than Addie and they also were little buddies. I guess thats part of make dear friends and sometimes one or the other have to move on, it just seems like we always stay while the other moves on....maybe the truth of it is that we're just scaring everyone away!!
Bridger now has 2 teeth, and they are so stinkin' cute! I love seeing his smile with his two little teeth.....what a face, what a face! it seems that now he is less fussy now that these two have come through. I really hope it stays this way, I don't remember Addie being this fussy and cranky when her teeth were coming through!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bridger's big debut!

Well folks, I am aware that it has been forever and then some since I last posted! My deepest apologies! I am going to try and be better! Especially now that there have been some big milestones in the Clark family! Yesterday our little......I guess he's not so little, but rather our big chunk, decided to start crawling! He had been taking little steps here and there for a couple weeks now, but yesterday he started crawling everywhere! What was his motivation? I shall tell you! I was on my hands and knees pretending to be a horse so Addie could ride on my back! I was giving her a horse back ride to her bed for her nap. Well, Bridger saw this and thought it looked fun and started crawling right then and there and was following us out of the living room! It was hilarious! Since then he is a crawling machine and getting into everything! I don't know if I am completely ready for a kid who is mobile like this! I have a feeling that most of my days will consist of chasing after him and taking things out of his mouth that he found somewhere!! Although at the same time, it is exciting as a parent to see your kids progress! I love being a mom, I have the cutest kids ever!! he also had a tooth pop through about 2 1/2 weeks ago, which confirmed our suspicions of him possibly teething......because let me tell you we have one cranky kid on our hands! I will be glad when the teething is over!