Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Henry Doorley Zoo-Nebraska

Nebraska- Mormon Trail Center

Winter Quarters Temple
Here we are at the Mormon Trail Center taking a tour, part of it is hands on where you can try and push a hand cart!

Don't mind my huge swollen belly! This was taken right outside the visitor center

More of our Trip to Nebraska

For some reason, Adeline immediately loved Ed! They were the best of friends and they went on little walks looking for bugs! Ed tried to find a secada (I'm not sure how to spell it) for Jake to see, all they came back with was an outer shell of one. Secadas are these big, ugly, noisy bugs that look like a huge locust.
Us girls took one last picture before we had to head out and on to Omaha for the last portion of our trip! It was hard to say goodbye, and we miss them so much already! by the time we were leaving, Addie was calling Diane "Oma"--which is German for Grandma!! Here we are with their youngest daughter Jolene!
We stopped by where Brandon (the Bogues oldest) works to say goodbye! We had just gotten out of church! I was so happy that Ed and Diane had agreed to come to church with us!! Ed cleans up so nice!!
The Bogues took us to Columbus days there in their town. It was fun!

I love Nebraska

We just got back last night from our little Vacation. We went to Nebraska (which is where I served my mission). We stayed two nights with a family I taught in Fremont, NE. They now live in Columbus, NE. Anyway, after years of trying to find them...I finally did through facebook of all places! I was so happy to be reunited with them, that I figured we needed to go down and see them before we move!! I have always referred to them as "my family"! Ed and Diane (they are the parents) are so great! They have two teenagers Brandon and Jolene whom I also love! In the picture above, we have Diane carving a whale out of a watermelon and hollowing it out so she could fill it with yummy fruit!
Adeline was so content just playing around in their back yard....and was wanting to help them with their gardening! We need a yard, thats all I can say about that! She was really sad when we left!
We stopped in Sioux Falls, SD to let Addie run around. There was this beautiful park with a ton of water falls and a beautiful view!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We found out earlier this month that our little bun in the oven is a boy! We are so thrilled, and have been trying not to go crazy agreeing on a name! We have a few in mind that we like, but no one else seems to like them! What to do, what to do!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is the cutest thing I have seen! She did this shot all on her own! I walk down the hallway and peek into the bathroom and see this! I wonder if she saw anything worth while in the classifieds!
Addie is excited about Fish, until she sees them up close!
This was the biggest Fish Jake has caught so far! A record for him of 26 inches long! He was one proud dude!
Shellie Eldredge and I had to make a quilt for young womens Encampment. The young women all did their fingerprints and sewed them all together
This last Thursday, we had our ultra sound and found out that we are having a boy! We are so excited to get one of each now! We are struggling with names though! This may take a while to agree on one! We took this picture the same day! I am a little over 5 months now!