Friday, September 25, 2009

I will miss my crazy Tina! She wants me to name my baby boy after her...Tino! I told her we will call him Tino until he is born!!
The Gerla's had a little fall party at their place, the teens all had a ball!

Ta daaaa! Here I am all huge at 7 months!

We had a stampin' up party and made cute halloween cards and crafts! I loved making this little coffin! I filled it with Candy corn! Now, I need to decide who do I love enough to give it to! I almost want to keep it
It is so fun to get together with the ladies and be crafty!
Young Womens at Dairy Queen

We are enjoying Dairy Queen as part of our young womens Mutual activity! Addie was a frequent visitor of our Wednesday nights! She was just one of the gals!
When I got released, I wanted to make my miamaids a little good bye gift. A friend from church has a vinyl lettering business and cut the cute poem and image and I put them on opposite sides of glass in a picture frame. I thought they turned out so cute
In September, the young women had a sleep over at our president's house and had a blast playing all sorts of crazy games and eating all the crap we wanted! Addie was in heaven!
One game we played was feeding eachother pudding while both are blind folded. You can imagine how that turned out!
My only Pike I ever caught here in ND!

Big news, better late than never

So, as most of you probably know.........Jake finally has a class date for Oklahoma City! Yay! We were given about 3 weeks notice, not enough considering all you have to do! He enters his training in Oklahoma City October 9th and we will be there for 7 weeks! However, before we go there--we have to move out of our apartment here in Grand Forks and move to Helena, MT which is where Jake's job is! He is going to be an air traffic controller (fingers crossed!). So, we are moving in 5 days! Crazy, scary, exciting and everything in between! We are about packed, and hope everything works out!!! Not so fun being pregnant while having to pack and clean!! Life is good!