Monday, August 25, 2008

We are Baaack!

We have made it back to the upper mid-west! We had a blast but are always relieved to get home and relax! Jake got his diploma finally, now it has really hit him! It's cool to see that he got a special stamp on his diploma for graduating in the top 2nd in his class! I am so freakin proud of him! Adeline is also happy to be home, she has been in a great mood ever since arriving home! She has been super affectionate and cuddly (can you believe that!?) we are NOT complaining about that at all!
She is so stinkin cute, and I love being her mom! I also love being married to Jake, he is just too awesome!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Clark grandson

On July 25, Caleb Clark was born. The proud Parents: Jeff and Tifani Clark . Proud big brothers: Aiden and Bryson

Jacey (Jessica's daughter) and I just cheesin' it up at dad's clinic!
Someone has a new love.........Fourwheeling. And I mean Adeline has a new love!
Colstrip has a little spray park/ pool where Adeline and Jacey had a blast. While we were there, Jacey asked if we could pretend that Addie was her baby sister! How cute is that?!!
While Jake was out with the boys, Adeline and I went to Castle Rock's about 5 minutes away if that
Here we are at Castle Rock

The Joys and the Pain!

We are now in good ol' Rexburg, Idaho! Today we ventured out to the sand dunes to try out the new four wheelers, what a blast! Joining us in this Clark get together is: Mom and dad, Jefferey and his family, Jessica and her daughter jacey, Janalee, Jillaine, us (of course!), Jordan and Josh. We cannot get over how much Adeline LOVES fourwheeling! She would get so mad when we came back and take her off--she wanted more! Jake's parents are thinking about buying some property over here somewhere, so we got to drive around and look at some houses. It makes me excited to think that someday we will get to do that! It's been surreal being back here in Rexburg, our old stomping ground, the place Jake and I met and fell in love. The day before we left to come here, jake's dad rolled his four wheeler and got thrown. He came home looking like a war hero, and of course we couldn't get him to go to the doctor. Lets hope it's nothing serious! Here are some pictures of our trip thus far starting in Colstrip, Montana:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tooth #10 poked through today!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ahh, the country life!

we are currently enjoying the quiet and slow paced life of Montana! It's nice to get away and go to such a small and quiet town and visit family! So far we have been with the horses down at Dad's (Jake's dad) clinic, four wheeling, and playing in the pool. Adeline finally got to meet her older cousin Jacey! She loves Jacey and already says her name! When we were at the wading pool, Jacey asked if we could pretend that Addie was her little sis! How cute is that? Haven't seen any deer yet, I am sure that will soon change--they are every where here! In fact I wouldn't be surprised if I walked out the front door and saw a deer or antelope back behind the house! Today the boys all went out four wheeling somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, and Dad (Clark) got hurt pretty bad! Of course, we can't get him to go to the hospital! So, we may not go to Idaho for the sand dunes......we'll see!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

.....And another one!

Well I spoke too soon, today another tooth popped through! It's the first molar on her other side! She is going to start looking really goofy soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Jake and Jordan after the graduation!
Jake graduated with two other of his friends from the ward. From left to right: Jake (obviously!), Nate Stewart, and Kyler Erhard. Don't they look like a bunch of trouble makers?

We were beginning to wonder if Adeline was ever going to get anymore teeth, she has had the same 7 for like 6 months! Today, one of her first molars popped through! I suppose that explains the clinginess and crabbiness!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Yay, Jake graduated!

August 1, 2008: Jake graduated from UND with his bachelors degree in aviation! He graduated with the highest honors, that was pretty cool! It still hasn't hit us...we just can't believe it! It was a nice ceremony, Jake was so bored though that he almost fell asleep! I however, missed a lot of it because Addie just CANNOT sit still!
We were glad that Jake's mom and his brother Jordan came over for the graduation--neither of them had been to Grand Forks to visit! It was especially nice to have Jordan here, he had been gone for 2 years in Japan on a mission for our church. Next weekend, we will be heading to Idaho and Montana for some much needed visits to family!