Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can you believe this rain?

Well, it looks like spring weather is here! Which means, tornadoes! Today it has been pouring just about all day, not just a little rain--but buckets and buckets! Addie and I had big plans (well, not really), but didn't dare venture outside and risk getting struck by lightening! We had fun, just the two of us! Lately, Adeline has been in such a fun and playful mood. Hopefully that means some more teeth will be popping through, the past couple of weeks she has been so irritable! Jake is just about half way done with his first summer block, yay! And you know what that means........he is almost done with his college career!
I have to share a funny story about Addie. So, she loves to play with makeup--just like her mama. I was sitting on the living room floor putting on makeup while Adeline was supposed to be watching Dora the Explorer. Once she saw my hand mirror, she just had to have it. So instead of us fighting over it, I just let her have it. Well, to make a long story short--she kept giving her reflection kusses or kussen (which is the German word for kiss). She would lean in and go, "mmmm" and the kiss the mirror! So Funny!


Holly said...

I bet your mirror was full of wet goodness from Addies "Kusses" hehe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie! Say your blog off Holly's!! The weather was INSANE today!! But at least it's not snow!!

Rachel said...

oh...looks like you have a mini natalie!